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HopeModel inter-Biz was founded in 2003. It started as an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) outfit, with only four desktop computers and two staff. Though faced with very stiff competition from its rivalries, with much bigger capacity, HopeModel lived up to her name by continuously and hopefully striving until 2011 when it had expanded, diversified and become fully incorporated as a limited liability company.

As a limited liability company, HopeModel Inter-Biz Ltd has now diversified beyond a mere ICT company to the following areas:

HopeModel Inter-Biz Ltd runs training programmes on the areas of Auto Cad, Graphic Design, Word Processing, Microsoft Office and Windows. The company equally undertakes website design and hosting both on the World Wide Web (www) as well as Intranet. Computer networking in offices and big organizations as well as homes, also form part of the core operation of the company. The company also has cyber café services at different locations where they major in fast internet browsing, online library services, online research and project development services to clients and customers. In its Enugu Head Quarters, HopeModel stands out as one of the most outstanding ICT centers, enjoying special references and patronage from institutions such as Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), University of Nigeria Enugu Campus, JAMB Zonal Office Enugu, WAEC, NECO etc.
Hope Model (ICT unit) also undertakes computer hardware sales, supplies, installations as well as maintenance and servicing.

With its highly qualified, experienced and efficient personnel in various disciplines, coupled with its vastness in ICT, HopeModel easily handles mechanical and electrical engineering designs. The various online links and partnership with foreign bodies keeps the activities of the company always in tune with the latest development in Engineering Design.

HopeModel equally handles direct construction or supervision of Engineering Designs.

HopeModel undertakes structural designs and construction of buildings, schools, markets, culverts/bridges, masts etc.

On the area of Agriculture, HopeModel is involved in commercial farming of crops such as rice, cassava, palm trees, plantain, banana etc. The company both sells the raw products and also processes some of its products. Palm produce are processed into palm oil and palm kernel while cassava is converted into garri. The company is also involved in animal husbandry with special interest in poultry, piggery and fishery.  

With its team of Engineers and Technicians, HopeModel undertakes equipment refurbishment, maintenance and services, with special interest in electrical and mechanical equipments. HopeModel links and technical partnership with various equipment and spare parts manufacturers abroad ensures a hitch free operation.

On the local scene, HopeModel with its various links and contacts all over Nigeria can conveniently handle sourcing and supplying of virtually any item of interest ranging from office equipment and stationeries, industrial goods and services, domestic goods and services, foods, drinks, transport facilities etc.

On the foreign scene, the company with links and partners in South Africa, Europe, America and Asia, can equally handle the importation of similar goods and services.


HopeModel has done many things since 2003 that lead to the success it is experiencing today. Some of the strengths of the company are highlighted in the following paragraphs.

The major source of strength of HopeModel lies in the quality of staff and business partners they exhibit. In all spheres of their operation they employ nothing less than the best in various disciplines.

A major strength of HopeModel is its ability to embrace change and be creative. HopeModel grew from a mere Information and Communications Technology (ICT) outfit, with only four desktop computers and two staff in 2003 to a fully incorporated limited liability company in 2011 with over 50 staff. This was made possible by their diversified operations. HopeModel has a very wide customer/client base in both Enugu and other states of the federation. Basically, HopeModel has customers in both Northern, Southern and Eastern parts of Nigeria. HopeModel is able to be successful because they listen to their customers.

HopeModel continuously analyses their operations, and based on customers’ requests and suggestions, they improve on them. Due to these strong qualities, HopeModel is able to continue to increase the network they operate, both locally and abroad. This company growth is possible due to the extensive market research done by HopeModel’s Management and Staff. In addition, by having a wide range of network, a specialty company enjoys increased buying power that gives them clout in making demands on manufacturers of equipment and spare parts, such as for volume discounts, co-operative advertising, and merchandise pricing and ticketing prior to shipment. These lower product costs can be passed on to the consumer and clients in the form of lower prices. HopeModel is a case in point.

Another strength of HopeModel is the optimism of both management and staff. Even though HopeModel is constantly changing their methods of operations and their products and services, they still maintain a high level of customer service. HopeModel also does not have a problem in changing its top management as they see fit, in order to keep up their success in the industry. HopeModel therefore employs both management and staff from any industry, who they perceive, will add to the happiness of the customers, clients and investors.

Yet another strength of HopeModel is their ability to realize that customers are on a day-to-day lease, always with increasing needs and expectations. This means that HopeModel realizes that it is easy to gain customers, but it is just as easy (if not easier) to lose them. With this in mind, HopeModel recognizes the need to continue to listen to their customers, and constantly try to improve the level of service and products available in order to please them. Due to the increase in competition from other firms in the industry, HopeModel has implemented a program called Service Performance Improvement Program (SPI) in her ICT units, which allows most of inventory handling to be done after the cafes are closed. This makes it easier for customer service agents to make the customers’ surfing experience easier and more delightful. The SPI will be put in place in all HopeModel outfits by the end of fiscal 2014.

HopeModel allows their regular customers and clients to procure products and services at special discounts than their rivalries. This is a strength based on the fact that HopeModel has established a top position among its clienteles, hence, consumers have a sense of brand loyalty towards HopeModel. They have a history of selling quality services and merchandise at low prices. This attribute has allowed HopeModel to have a strong history, continuous growth and innovation, strong balance sheet figures and unmatched resources. Based on the financial statements for the fiscal year 2010, HopeModel was cash flow positive for the first time in history. This indicates that HopeModel is a net generator of cash, and not a net cash consumer.

Based on the strengths outlined above, HopeModel can still be expected to see positive growth. The young new CEO, Engr Charles C. Ngene, will be able to analyze HopeModel’s present success tactics and improve on them based on modern technology and the whole new globalization procedure.


The cream of highly qualified and experienced professional in different fields presently under the employ or in partnership with HopeModel has placed it well above its contemporaries in terms of job execution.

On the area of ICT, it is a known fact that this area of technological development is still at its early stage in the country, in which case both private and government organs are presently striving to get their system to be ICT compliant. This is an area where HopeModel has well positioned itself to come to the rescue and the benefits of this opportunity is made manifest by the increasing number of patronage HopeModel is getting in this area.

The growth expected by HopeModel is backed up by their constant expansion. For the fiscal year of 2014 they plan to open at least 10 new ICT centers in different towns and states of the federation. With 9 years experience in the business, it is not hard for HopeModel to open these new centers. The company has been doing it for a while, so it has an already established procedure to do it. This advantage facilitates and minimizes the costs of opening new branches.

Having ICT as one of its major areas of operation also makes engineering design activities a pleasurable experience and by extension opens a great door of opportunity as HopeModel easily handles both design and construction for clients that so wish.

The infrastructural decay in most states of the federation and the determination of both Federal and many State Governments to rehabilitate them also opens a big window of opportunity for HopeModel. In fact it is the expectation of HopeModel that with the contact being made with the affected governments, there will be a clientele boost for it in this area.

With the increasing number of infrastructural development and new housing units under construction, and the increasing amount of money spent on materials used for construction in Nigeria, HopeModel has a great opportunity for growth of sales and its supply network in future years. As per the 2013 budget proposals already being implemented by both federal and state executive and legislatures, there is an overall increase in the budgetary provisions being proposed for construction, this means more constructions being started. The same thing goes for expenditures being proposed for maintenance, repair and improvements of existing infrastructures. Luckily HopeModel is equally vast in this area and hopes to get a fair share of the action.


A major threat to HopeModel is alternative power supply. Due to the very erratic power supply from the public power source, in virtually all her locations, HopeModel is compelled to rely on self generation of its own power with generators. This has led to very high maintenance and overhead cost due to high cost of diesel.

The multiple taxation of the operational vehicles and outfits of the company by Local government agents and touts also poses serious threat to smooth operation and finances of the company.


The most current strategies HopeModel has implemented are: establishment of new reliable sources of materials and equipment acquisitions related to infrastructure improvement to broaden their product offerings; the implementation of the new technologies and software to enhance their ICT operations to improve service to clients; and the opening of new ICT centers nationally in order to expand their clientele.


HopeModel is one of the fastest growing companies in its areas of specialization in the Nigeria today. It has over 5 outfits throughout the country. HopeModel is an organization dedicated to serving its customers, its community and helping the environment. The main issues HopeModel face, as an organization is: Power supply, Expansion, Online, and Competition from other companies in its areas of operation. HopeModel has always been critical of the environment and has worked hard in creating programs that will help improve our environment. HopeModel has created many programs to improve its internal and external environment. Expansion is the most important issue for HopeModel; it has expanded its operation nationally now. HopeModel has also plans to launch its new website in 2012, which will be very user friendly.

Internally HopeModel has always stressed on making a better work environment for its employees. It has many programs for its employees, such as healthcare, retirement plans, and vacation plans. Those are plans that almost all organizations can provide but HopeModel went beyond these plans for its employees. Some of the plans HopeModel has for its employees are: Employee Safety initiatives in 2010 included increase use in equipment that helps safety measures throughout each of the outfits. To promote health HopeModel has retainer-ship with St Patrick’s Hospital Emene Enugu and Meridian Hospital Port Harcourt. Some of the health initiatives of the company is to have the employees take a road walk, stretch, and perform various light exercises before their shift starts.

Expansion is a very important issue for HopeModel, it started as an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) outfit, with only four desktop computers and two staff. Today, HopeModel has up to 5 ICT and other outfits nationwide. HopeModel has always tried to provide the customer with as much variety of products and services as possible, from finding a small screw to building a whole house, a customer will have ease in their project. HopeModel even offers classes to its customers to show them how to do projects on their own. The main issue for HopeModel is Expansion. It even plans to expand its operations abroad.

HopeModel’s main priority is its dedicated service to its clients and consumers. For HopeModel to provide that unparallel service to its clients and consumers, HopeModel has many strategies. The most important strategy is to provide its consumer with a service that no other competitor can offer, and that is related to expansion. With expansion whether it is through the Internet, facilities in other states, or even environmental services, HopeModel is able to better serve its clients and consumers. Every consumer wish is to find everything they are looking for with the least amount of work. With its strategies on expansion, HopeModel is able to provide virtually everything that a consumer may need.

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